Clean fresh air is essential for the healthy living. But nowadays, it is quite hard to sustain fresh and healthy air in our environment due to uncontrollable pollution in all from; from the land, the water and the air. Gratefully, there are now alternative ways like the use air conditioning system to regulate air flow as to produce healthy and fresh breathable air even in the confinement of the four corners of our room which would’ve been impossible on normal days without being aided by any means.

For people who are wondering how to start with the installation of air conditioner, there are actually companies which provide services for this purpose such as the Teck Chang.

As professional in aircon services, Teck Chang provides all makes and models of aircon installation. To get it right from the start, the company’s specialists prefer to do a site visit first to understand more on each client’s needs and after which provide quotation for the most suitable aircon system for them. Best of all, the site visit consultancy service is FOC.

The job for this service will include the dismantling of old air conditioner and dispose old air conditioner, to mount brand new units. Teck Chang’s service provides set of warranty such one year of workmanship equipment, one year of parts by manufacturer and five years of compressor by manufacturer. Moreover, the company provides aircon repairing for its clients.

Aircon Repair applies when the aircon is not cold, is breaking down or leaking water. They provide air conditioning troubleshooting and repair service to solve clients’ problems. This service includes troubleshooting of the fault in the air conditioning system, reporting the faults detected and recommend the most economical solution, advising customer on the cost of repair and parts replacement. Likewise, faulty parts will either be replaced on the spot or at another appointed date or time, depending on the parts availability. It will also include in-house testing after the troubleshooting.

Make an appointment, inquire indicative price and get to enjoy cool clean air from your new aircon system soon.

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