Fun facts You probably haven’t heard about Air conditioning

Once the subject of discussion is about air conditioning, there is no doubt that you probably talk about beating the heat, keeping a room cool or maybe you are talking about air conditioning services. We rarely speak of fun things and trivial facts about it. Who says air con can’t be cool in a different sense? When talking about air conditioning, you can find fun facts that will surely make a cool conversation.

Here are some of the fun facts about air conditioning you probably haven’t heard before:

Back then, there was a place where kids are granted a break during summer since it’s too hot to study and learn. So when the air conditioners are invented kids no longer have any excuse to go to school even in summer.

People who lived before air conditioners use big blocks of ice to keep themselves cool. Just imagine how much work and effort they exert just to beat the heat. When air conditioners were introduced, their output ratings were judged based on how much ice you would need to get the same cooling power.

Another interesting fact is that every spring, air conditioners have relieved millions of allergy sufferers by providing clean, filtered air. Indeed, air conditioners are made not only to keep a room cool but also to maintain a clean air.

Architects used to design homes and buildings with high ceilings, porches, breezeways, and landscaping that provided shade in order to keep occupants cool during air conditioners aren’t available in the market. But today houses are jam packed with air conditioners that’s why most of the houses are made with the standard ceiling height and more people also consider air conditioning services when building homes and offices.

In 1736, the English House of Commons was cooled by a seven-foot, hand-cranked “blowing wheel,” which acted as a giant fan. The man at the helm of the crank was called the Ventilator. Cool huh?

The next time you try to avail air conditioning service, you’d probably giggle remembering how this machine have made some things happen and how have it turn out be exactly as it is today.

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