Annual Maintenance Contract

An effective aircon may provide uninterrupted service without disruptions. In order to ensure that your aircon functions efficiently, it requires routine servicing and upgradation.
During the air-conditioner cleaning, we might also detect potential failures/problems. We will give you advice on what is needed to be done before they develop into major defects.
Took up our Air Conditioning Maintenance Contract service with us is the best way to keep your air conditioner in top working condition. It will improve your air-conditioning cooling performance, increase the life span of the equipment and lower the operating costs. Bring cooler, fresher air for your family!

Quarterly (4x) BI-Monthly (6x)
1 Fancoils (c/w Condenser) $160 $240
2 Fancoils (c/w Condenser) $240 $360
3 Fancoils (c/w Condenser) $360 $540
4 Fancoils (c/w Condenser) $400 $600
5 Fancoils (c/w Condenser) $500 $750
6 Fancoils (c/w Condenser) $600 $900

Scope of Works

  • Clean & check of air filter front panel cover
  • Check of bio-pure/deodorizing filter
  • Clean & brush blower wheel
  • Clean & check evaporator coil.
  • Vacuuming of drainage system
  • Brush & check outdoor condenser coil
  • Checking of all setting
  • Check of refrigerant system


  • 365 days warranty for water leaking problem
  • Cleaner air to breathe in
  • Save on energy costs and total maintenance costs
  • Pro-long the life span of the equipment
  • Prevent water dripping and condensation problems
  • Detection of any abnormal function
  • Prevent major repairs / breakdowns
  • Priority for all break down inspections at no additional charges


90 days for workmanship (on scope of service only)