Air Conditioner Services in Singapore

Teck Chang Air Conditioner is a professional company specializing in air-conditioning services and repairing all types of air con units.

Teck Chang Air-con’s sole focus is on providing excellent services for residential and commercial air-conditioning systems.

Having the best professionals servicing your air conditioning with the most competitive air con servicing price in Singapore will keep you at peace that we do take care of our customers for the long term.

aircon repair
general service

General Service

- Checking of wiring connections
- Check and clean air filter
- Check bio-pure / deodorizing filter
- Check and clean indoor cooling coil
- Check & clean blower wheel


chemical cleaning

Chemical Cleaning

- Dismantle of Fan Coil Unit
- Chemical flushing of Fan Coil Unit and all parts
- Chemical flushing of drainage system
- Recharging in of Refrigerant R22 gas
- Test of system (after routine checks)

annual maintenance contract

Annual Maintenance Contract

- Clean & check of air filter front panel cover
- Check of bio-pure/deodorizing filter
- Clean & brush blower wheel
- Clean & check evaporator coil.
- Vacuuming of drainage system